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4 Secret Everyday Hair Extension Hacks!

4 Secret Everyday Hair Extension Hacks!
While high-quality raw hair extensions will last you several years and sometimes even eternity , it’s still important to focus on maintenance and care to make them last longer and stay beautiful, smooth, and silky.

Human hair extensions, such as our Raw Southeast Asian Hair Extensions can be styled and made to last longer and look fabulous till it’s time to remove them with a few simple hacks and tricks that we have up our sleeve.

Here's what you can try to get the most out of your clip-ins, sew-ins, and HD frontals and closures:

Braid, tease, and backcomb your natural hair before installation

If you’re opting for clip ons and temporary extensions such as clip-in that you can remove and reinstall at home, a great hack to make sure they don't slip or move, or your natural hair doesn't pop out is so backcomb, tease, and braid your hair.

 This allows your extensions to grip the strands more firmly and keep the clip-ins in place for longer. The braid helps hide shorter hairs and layers that may be popping out and looking unsightly.

Store your hair extensions carefully when not in use

It’s worth keeping the original box, packaging, or investing in a hanger or case for your extensions when they’re not in use. You should remove your clip-ins after a night out, wash, hang and completely dry them.

Following this, gently brush them out or get rid of the product, straighten, roll up and store them. This will protect them from damage and coming loose as they're not as firmly secured to your hair or scalp.


Gently wash your extensions but avoid over washing them

For other types such as tape-ins, sew-ins, or frontals and closures, it’s not as simple to remove them. Between installs, you should be sure to wash them no more than once a week at most to prevent build-up, remove products, and keep them looking fresh and voluminous.

However, while washing and conditioning are important, it's important that you don't overwash them either, as this can damage them and cause strands to come loose.

Tie your hair extensions up in bed if they’re not removable

While you sleep, tie your hair extensions in a ponytail or braid to keep them from tangling and getting messy as you sleep. You can invest in a silk pillowcase or get a bonnet from our store to keep your extensions looking fresh, protecting them and making them last longer.

We recommend having your extensions installed by licensed experts in order to get the best outcome and fit, reduce strain and pressure on your scalp, and look natural. To place an order, browse through the category Raw Southeast Asian Hair you want, or you can contact us at Dreamy Dragon Hair for more details and assistance.


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