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Burmese hair from Burma

Burmese hair from Burma

Burmese hair is one of the most sought-after hair in the hair industry. It's considered top tier hair for afro-american and ethnic hair types. Burmese hair is sourced from Myanmar (Burma) location Southeast Asia. Burmese hair is sourced from Hindu temples within Burma. Also, local burmese women will sacrifice their hair in a donation to the temple or to acquire money to pay bills, school, and medical expenses. This hair is then soured out at a burmese hair factory.

Burmese Curly is like hair gold. It look absolutely incredible in it's natural state. It's a perfect blend especially for afro textured hair types. It's not a silky as Indian hair, but not super course to the point is not manageable. This hair is also very healthy as it has not been chemically treated and altered. Most Burmese women use natural hair techniques. Such as natural oils and rice water rinses. Which also reduces grey hairs and maintain a healthy PH balance. Raw Burmese hair will have cuticles in tact so the hair will last for years to come. This hair is very resilient will do well with a straighten look or return to its natural pattern when washed. 

Dreamy Dragon Raw Burmese Hair is sourced from a high quality hair vendor directly in Myanmar Burma. Shop our Burma Curly (Burmese Curly). Burmese Straight also coming soon! 


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