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Founder and CEO Story

Founder and CEO Story

Founder Story: 

Che' (pronounced chic) the founder of Dreamy Dragon is fueled by her passion and knowledge in the Raw hair industry.

She decided to resign from her work as a Senior Business professional to pursue the quest of finding and providing Raw hair that is the most exquisite high-quality hair, that you will come across.

She has dedicated intensive research to find the best quality and most sought out hair extensions in the market today. She made it Dreamy Dragons mission by only supplying the best hair. On her search around the globe, she found that Southern Indian &  Asia by far as the most beautiful hair she had ever encounter. Donor hair from Asia & India is thick to roots till ends. The hair comes in a variety of patterns from wavy, curly, and straight. Also, southern Indian hair can vary in colors from dark black to light browns. Most donors from Southern India & Asian  has never chemically processed their hair before. (Colored, heat styles, etc..) This makes Raw Indian & Asian Hair so desirable as this is rare in today’s society with so many hair trends. Most of the donors often use coconut oil in their hair daily. Which coconut oil contains nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to keep the hair healthy, and shiny.

Due to Southern India's & Asia beautiful variations and low manipulation hair practices, she found this was the best hair to provide to clients. Due to many trials, she has partnered with a supplier that works directly with the Temples in Southern India & Asia. (Where the hair is donated) to provide only the best ethically derived hair strands.

 Founder: Core values

Peace: The ultimate peace of mind that Dreamy Dragon will deliver the best, integrity, and top-notch raw hair for gorgeous clients.

Compassion: Bring excellence and understanding of the raw hair to the customer.

Respect: To always respect others as others should always respect you, and the understanding we can agree or think differently, but that should always be done with maturity and harmony.

Wisdom: To keep growing and learning always.


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