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What is Pure Asian Hair

What is Pure Asian Hair

Dreamy Dragon Pure Asian hair. Dreamy Dragon hair strands are directly from Asia only and our Asian hair is from high-quality Asian sources. Our boutique offers only raw hair at elite quality! 

What is Pure Asian Hair?

Hair that is sourced from the 6 regions in Asia

  • North Asia
  • South Asia
  • West Asia
  • Central Asia
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia


Asian hair is typically thicker in texture due to the larger scale of the cuticle. Perfect, with blending African American & ethnic backgrounds.  This type of hair is sourced from several countries in the region of Asia. Dreamy Dragon Pure Asian hair 100% Raw unprocessed human hair never mixed with artificial nonsense!

Pure Asian Hair Features: 

    1. Hair has not been altered by chemical processing. 
    2. Minimal steam processing if any  
    3. Donor Hairs
    4. Purest, most natural authentic hair
    5. Highest quality, fuller longer lasting 
    6. Mimics your own natural hair 
    7. Blends well with afro and ethnic backgrounds, due to Large cuticle that is also aligned and intact
    8. Reduced shedding, matting, and tangling with proper care
    9. Unique curl & wave patterns
    10. Most Raw hair ranges from Medium dark brown and natural black hair colors.
    11. Medium-low luster 
    12. Very thick & full of luster and so beautiful!   

Textures we offer: 

(Raw) Pure Asian Curly 

(Raw) Pure Asian Wavy

(Raw) Pure Asian Straight 


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