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Raw Hair Extension Facts & Care:

Tips for Hair Extension Care - Dreamy Tress

Raw hair Facts & Care:

Raw Hair Facts and Tips:

➰Raw hair resembles your real hair. Which means you will need to take care of it like it’s your own. Deep conditioning and occasionally hot oil treatments recommended.

➰Once the hair is removed from the donor so are all it’s nutritional benefits. You will need to add these nutrients back into the hair with oils, proteins, conditioners, and etc...

➰Take extra care with styling. Wide tooth comb and brushes only.

➰ This is Raw hair so heat damage can occur with obsessive heat. Please, use a heat protection.

➰ Do not use styling products that contains harsh chemicals. (Opt for natural shampoos and conditioners if possible)

Proper Hair Care Steps: 

  1. Treat you hair investment gentle when washing
  2. Raw hair is 100% natural. Don't overexert roots during washing. (Dreamy dragon  raw hair cuticles are intact and flow in one direction. Massage using shampoo and or conditioner in a downwards directions from Wefts to roots
  3. Detangle using a wide tooth comb or wire brush. Please start from bottom of the hair detangling upwards towards the wefts. 
  4. Always detangle from bottom moving up. 
  5. Curly Hair? Please use metal brush or paddle brush to detangle hair, from the bottom up. Recommended while it's wet. (use spray bottle to wet hair evenly) 
  6. Hair can be dyed/colored or chemically processed. *Please, see professional for proper care and processing. This hair is 100% Raw human and will require proper hair care products. 
  7. Let, hair air dry 

Dreamy Dragon Pure Asian Hair strands are exceptional! Thick, soft and luxurious hair!

➰Naturally curly-wave-straight patterns and textures. Varying in colors black-brown-light brown, from donor to donor

➰Some of the most Beautiful and exquisite hair from Asia you will come across

➰ Our Raw hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, and thus do I not get any tangling, shedding and absolutely NO matting

➰ Promising longevity for at least 4yrs + or even eternity depending on the proper care, maintenance from client

➰Hair derives from the temples in India &  Asia

✖️ Dull and lackluster strands
✖️Have not undergone any chemical treatment or acid baths to improve their quality or texture
✖️Have no chemical odors

*Please, note dreamy dragon is not responsible or liable for any damages done to the hair after purchasing and alterations has been done to the hair or during hair styling installs by stylist or customer. 
 *We value each customer relationship and make sure to only provide a quality product the first time. However, if you feel the product is not satisfactory please contact us for assistance


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