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What is Raw Hair? Raw hair vs Virgin hair? Remy Hair?

What is Raw Hair? Raw hair vs Virgin hair? Remy Hair?

What is Raw hair? 

  • Raw hair is pure unprocessed and chemical free ( no additive or synthetic's)
  • Single Donor (Same person) No two bundles will be identical. However, It will never be a significant different so the hair will blend beautifully.
  • Purest, Most natural, and 100% authentic
  • Highest quality, fuller, longer lasting
  • Mimics your own natural hair
  • Premium full and thick strands 
  • Blends amazing, due to cuticle being intact and naturally aligned in one direction which reduces shedding, matting, and tangling 
  • Special and unique. Donor hair is a hand cut ponytail with a distinctive natural hair pattern and color
  • Most raw hair ranges from Medium-Dark brown and black in color. 
  • Texture patterns normally vary only from wavy, curly, and straight with no uniform curl patterns which makes it look so realistic 
  • Raw donor hair is most rare especially the longer the lengths. 
  • Raw hair must meet rigorous standards ensuring quality 
  • Requires more love and care due to it's Raw nature. (More moisturizing and conditioning to put nutrients back in the hair after removing hair from donor 
  • Slightly more coarser resembling your natural hair
  • Raw hair is the most superior hair this is also why it's more expensive and a delightful purchase

Remy Hair?

  • Remy is hair collected directly from a hair donor with all the cuticles still intact and in the same direction. 
  • Yes, Dreamy Tress Raw hair is both Raw and Remy. 

Virgin Hair? 

  • Virgin hair is also great hair 
  • Authentic virgin hair is chemical free 
  • Virgin hair normally can contain ( One to multiple hair donor(s) (blend) 
  • Alterations? Most virgin hair has been steamed processed to achieve textures patterns such as (deep wave, kinky curly, supper curly, and etc...) Steaming gives it a nice silky texture 
  • Lower cost than raw hair 

The Verdict: Dreamy Dragon choose Raw Hair!

(Raw-Southern Indian Hair & Southeast Asian Hair) 

However, depending on your desire and budget there are many great hair extensions on the market( Raw, virgin, remy ect..)

The article is written and published by Dreamy Dragon 


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