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Why purchase Raw hair from Dreamy Dragon?

Why purchase Raw hair from Dreamy Dragon?

Dreamy Dragon Raw temple hair strands are exceptional! Thick, soft and luxurious hair!

➰Our pure temple raw hair is collected from donors 

➰ Ethically derived hair strands

➰Naturally curly-wave-straight patterns and textures. Varying in colors black-brown-light brown, from donor to donor

➰Some of the most Beautiful and exquisite hair from Southeast Asia & Southern India you will ever encounter

➰ Our Raw hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, and thus do not get any tangling, shedding and absolutely NO matting

➰ Promising longevity for at least 4yrs + or even eternity depending on the proper care, maintenance from client

➰Hair derives from the temples in India & Southeast Asia

➰ DREAMY DRAGON HAIR will never spoil our premium hair and sincerity due to any market demands  

✖️ Dull and lackluster strands
✖️Have not undergone any chemical treatment or acid baths to improve their quality or texture
✖️Have no chemical odors


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